Alien Universe Galactic Map

The so-called "Galactic Map" of the Alien Universe adapted from a real star map by Winchell Chung. The locations of Thedus and Fiorina 161 are estimates only, as is the border between the Core Systems and the Outer Rim (based on the concentration of stars nearer to Sol). The location of LV-426 is accurate.

It should be noted that despite its name, it represents only a small[1] portion of the Milky Way Galaxy in the vicinity of Earth.


  1. The map scale has each blue square equal to one parsec to a side; since one parsec = 3.26 light-years, the map here is approximately 18 x 19 parsecs, roughly 60 LY on a side. The Milky Way Galaxy is 100,000-120,000 LY in diameter.

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