Kenner's Aliens comics were a series of mini-comics published by Dark Horse Comics for Kenner's 1993 Aliens and Aliens vs. Predator toylines. Ignoring the events of the third film and the fate of the Marines in the second film, issues 1-12 featured the post-Aliens adventures of Ellen Ripley and the "Space Marines". Issue 13 concluded the series with an Aliens vs. Predator themed comic.

Cover Name Included with
Bishop kenner comic Desert Storm Bishop action figure
Scorpion Alien kenner comic Operation: Rescue Scorpion Alien action figure
Apone kenner comic Hive War Sgt. Apone action figure
Gorilla Alien kenner comic Jungle Attack Gorilla Alien action figure
Drake kenner comic Meltdown Sgt. Drake action figure
Hicks kenner comic Showdown Corp. Hicks action figure
Bull Alien kenner comic Stampede Bull Alien action figure
Ripley kenner comic Fireball LT. Ripley action figure
Snake Alien kenner comic Night Strike Snake Alien action figure
Mantis Alien kenner comic Swarm Mantis Alien action figure
Giant Facehugger kenner comic Terrordome Giant Face Hugger Alien action figure
Rhino Alien kenner comic Ice Storm Rhino Alien action figure
Alien vs Predator kenner comics The Ultimate Battle Aliens vs. Predator 2-pack