Swimming Alien
Cloned Xenomorph (Flooded kitchen)
Biological information
Host name
Host type Human
Status Deceased
Physical description
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Chronological information
First appearance Alien Resurrection (only appearance)
Last appearance
Portrayed by

This particular Xenomorph was one of the 20 Xenomorph clones that was born on board the USM Auriga.


This Xenomorph was one of 20 Xenomorphs initially bred by Dr. Wren's science team on board the Auriga in 2381. Like many of it's siblings, it spent its development and early life in captivity being studied by Wren's scientists. This Xenomorph, along with the rest of it's siblings were freed from captivity by the Lead Alien and soon overran the Auriga.

This Xenomorph encountered Ripley 8 and the survivors, consisting of Call, Johner, Vriess, Christie, Dr. Wren, Distephano, Hillard, and Purvis in the Auriga's kitchen, now heavily flooded with water. Johner spotted this Xenomorph and it's sibling pursuing the group from behind and fired a grenade round at them. This Xenomorph evaded the grenade round, while it's sibling was killed by the round. It swan towards the group, eventually catching up to Hillard and pulled her to her death.

After killing Hillard, this Xenomorph continued it's pursuit for the survivors and trapped them in the Facehugger nest. The survivors managed to escape from the trap and make their way up to the ladder. Dr. Wren betrayed the group and shot Call, resulting her to fall into the water. This Xenomorph choose to ignore her and proceeded to pursue the group at the ladder. Christie tried to shoot this Xenomorph several times, though it managed to evade every round and eventually dispatched Christie by spitting acid onto his face. Johner began to shoot at this Xenomorph and though it also evaded most of Johner's shots, one round managed to penetrate the creature's forehead and caused its entire dome head to explode.

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