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Cloned Xenomorph (USM Auriga)
Biological information
Host name
Host type Human
Status Deceased
Physical description
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Chronological information
First appearance Alien Resurrection (only appearance)
Last appearance
Portrayed by

This particular Xenomorph was one of the 20 Xenomorph clones that was born on board the USM Auriga. It was killed by the Lead Alien and another one of it's siblings in order to use it's acidic blood to escape from captivity.


This Xenomorph was one of 20 Xenomorphs initially bred by Dr. Wren's science team on board the Auriga in 2381. It spent its development and early life in captivity, housed in a cell with two of its brethren, under the close supervision and study of Wren's scientists.

When Gediman and Dr. Williamson were distracted from observing the Xenomorphs by events with the crew of the Betty in the ship's recreation hall, two of it's siblings unanimously decided to turn on this particular Xenomorph, as it seems to be the weakest among the three. The two started growling at this Xenomorph and then proceeded to savagely attack and disembowel this Xenomorph, screaming in pain and eventually falling dead on the floor. The dead creature's acid blood ate through the floor of the holding cell before the scientists could react, and by the time Gediman managed to activate the nitrogen spray the two Xenomorphs had already escaped, allowing them to free the other captive Xenomorphs and wreak havoc on board the Auriga.


  • This Xenomorph is the first of its kind to be killed by another Xenomorph in the Alien films.

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