Weyland-Yutani researcher Fiorina 161
Company Man
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First appearance Alien 3 (only appearance)
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Portrayed by Hi Ching

The Company Man is a Weyland-Yutani official who assisted Michael Weyland in his mission to Fiorina 161 to retrieve Ellen Ripley from the Fiorina 161 Correctional Unit.


After Weyland-Yutani was contacted by Francis Aaron regarding the Xenomorph's presence in the correctional unit on Fiorina 161, the company dispatched a team consisting of Michael, his team of researchers and a special forces unit. Upon arriving on Fiorina 161 the Company Man questions Aaron regarding Ripley's whereabouts and if she is still alive, Aaron replies that Ripley is indeed alive and is currently confronting the creature within the prison's furnace.

After the Runner Xenomorph was destroyed by Ripley, Michael confronted her and tried to convince the Lieutenant to come with him and have his team of doctors remove the Queen gestating in her. Ripley refused to go with Michael and committed suicide by falling into the molten lead of the foundry. The Company Man left with Michael, the team and the last survivor of the incident, prisoner Robert Morse.