Captain Dallas
Biographical information

February 27th, 2075


June 2122

Rank Captain
Serial/ID number ID# 032/V4-07C
Physical description
Gender Male
Species Human
Hair color Black
Eye color
Chronological and political information




First appearance Alien
Last appearance Aliens (picture only)
Portrayed by Tom Skerritt

Captain Dallas was the Commanding Officer of the commercial towing vessel Nostromo.


Dallas, like all the crew of the Nostromo, was roused from hypersleep by MOTHER for the purposes of investigating the distress signal and (presumably) forwarding Ash his special orders (although he did not know about the order). He later called a crew meeting to tell them of the distress signal. Although he followed the order, he appeared very irritated by the detour.

Dallas was part of the landing party from the Nostromo that, upon reacting to a distress signal originating from Acheron, left the ship to investigate the source of the signal. He and Lambert held back while Kane investigated the hold of the derelict spacecraft and its cargo. He then helped Lambert carry Kane and the facehugger to the Nostromo's lift and into the airlock. He showed some concern for Kane although this may have been his own desire to enter the Nostromo and get inside from the weather. Either way Ash let the trio inside, wherin Dallas and Ash investigated the facehugger and attempted to remove it. With his irritation finally at a peak, he had the Nostromo launched before all repairs could be completed.

After Kane's chestburster was born, Dallas organized a search party that wound up having Brett captured. Unwilling to let another crewmate die, Dallas decided to try and force the Alien into the airlock via the ventilation shafts.

Dallas and the crew first attempt to capture the Alien and flush it into space via an airlock. This first attempt resulted in the capture/death of Brett in the C Deck and learning that the Alien (now fully grown) was using the air ducts to hide and move around. Dallas decided to attempt to flush it from the air ducts directly into the airlock and blow it into space. Before he went into the air ducts he accessed the central computer, revealing indirectly his nervousness about attempting to capture the Alien.

Once in the air shafts, Dallas reached the third junction and ordered Ripley to shut the air shafts behind him, preventing the Alien from coming up behind him but also blocking his escape route. He began to go down the third junction when Lambert lost the signal on the motion tracker of the Alien. Dallas discovered some slime the Alien had left behind. He began to panic slightly, and was asking if he was clear to escape. When the Alien began moving at him, assuming it was coming from above, he went down the ladder straight to the Alien. When he reach the bottom he shined the light right into the shrieking Alien's face as it attacked.

Employee DossierEdit


NAME: Arthur DALLAS Coblenz

Chief Operating Officer, MV-2


U.S.C.S. NOSTROMO, class M towing vehicle, Reg. No. 180924609
Crew of 7 (cryosleep mode)
Cargo: refinery, processing 20,000,000 tons of mineral ore.
Departure: LNB-14(transit via the Solomons CT) 2/17/34 ERT
Arrival: SECURITY CLASSIFIED/cf. Document 81 under File BG97-G

Previous transits:

Departure: Delos 5/8/26 E.R.T.
Arrival: LNB-14 12/28/33 E.R.T.

Departure: Eta Draconis BN-4 4/6/20 E.R.T.
Arrival: Delos (NB) 3/29/23 ERT

Departure: Gateway Station 6/23/1 E.R.T.
Arrival: Eta Draconis BNM-4 2/28/20 E.R.T.

Departure: Caput Trianguli 3/6/18 E.R.T.
Arrival: Gateway Station 2/22/19 E.R.T.

Departure: Gateway Station 1/6/17 E.R.T.
Arrival: Caput Trianguli 2/2/18 E.R.T.


Executive Officer/U.S.C.S. ANOBILE class D towing vehicle Reg. No. 18076322, crew of 8, cargo; bio-plasmic spores, 2 transits (FTL 450 std loggd miles) Seymour-Cobb Genetics Corp. 2/5/16-1/9/17

Warrant Officer/U.S.C.S. SHUSETT, class F transport, Reg. No. B-5673N crew of 5, cargo: colony supplies 5 transits (FTL 87 std logged miles) and 8 transits (sub-FTL mtd non-applicable 670,800,000 logged miles) Tyrell Corporation.


Company Code: MVB-2/WBN-40984536-768
Soc. Sec. No.: 565-76-4568-897-765
Date of Birth: 6/9/90
Gender: Male (natural)
Hair: Brn Eyes: Blu Height: 5-11 Weight: 168


Lippincott Astronautics University (Achieved BDM degree and pilot’s licence) 8/11-6/13
Beilecki University (Mars Campus) (Achieved Bachelors of Eng. Degree grade) 9 9/8-6/11
Rambaldi High School (Port Arthur, Texas)(Graduated TV-83%) 9/5-5/9
O’Bannon Preliminary School (Port Arthur, Texas)(Graduated) 8/96-6/5



Subject began assignment with company with a level 8 I.Q. and level 6 personality GMA. Throughout subject’s assignments I.Q. remained at entry level, whereas there was a marked decrease in GMA. Preliminary assessment of psych profile indicates subject’s hostility to authority had been sublimated in such a way as to cause a mild psychosis related to performing executive officer duties. Since the subject’s GMA should have risen with escalation of rank, it was determined that a retesting and orientation treatment was due. However, continuity in employment was disrupted 2/17/34.

cf. Document 81 under File BG97-G




  • In a deleted and later restored scene, Ripley finds Dallas cocooned in the lower sections of the ship, turning into a Xenomorph egg. Knowing what is happening to him, he begs Ripley to kill him. Seeing she can't save Dallas from his fate, she kills him with a flamethrower rather than prolong his suffering.