Daniel Spunkmeyer
Biographical information

July, 2179

Rank Private First Class
Serial/ID number A23/TQ6.0.92810E7
Physical description
Gender Male
Species Human
Hair color Brown
Eye color Hazel
Chronological and political information




First appearance
Last appearance
Portrayed by Daniel Kash

Private First Class Daniel Spunkmeyer was a dropship chief weapons officer in the United States Colonial Marine Corps. In 2179, he was a part of the platoon of marines dispatched aboard the USS Sulaco on a rescue mission to the Weyland-Yutani owned terraforming colony, "Hadley's Hope" on Acheron LV-426.


Mission to LV-426Edit

Spunkmeyer was the co-pilot/navigator for the UD4L Cheyenne dropship piloted by Colette Ferro.


After Hicks called in for a pickup, Ferro ordered Spunkmeyer back to the dropship; as he ran inside the ramp, he touched slime left by a xenomorph. He tried to notify Ferro of his discovery, but she ordered him to get to her. He was last seen closing the ramp. He was either killed by the alien on board, or in the subsequent crash.


  • The wreckage of Ferro and Spunkmeyer's dropship can be spotted during the Aliens: Colonial Marines mission "No Hope on Hadley"
  • Spunkmeyer's locker can be found in the mission "Distress" in Aliens Colonial Marines

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