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June, 2179

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Gender Male
Species Human
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Drapers was one of the inhabitants of the Hadley's Hope colony on LV-426.


After the discovery of the derelict spacecraft, all the Xenomorph eggs contained within it soon begin to hatch and started impregnating the colonists, as well as the colony's livestock with Xenomorph embryos.

Drapers led a recon party that was sent to see the extent of the Xenomorph infestation at the atmosphere processor, only to discover a nest full of mature Xenomorph warriors. While he and his team fight the Xenomorphs off, he reports his findings to the colonists before being overwhelmed. A grievously injured Drapers later appears outside the colony's complex, trying to make it back to the colony before ultimately succumbing to his injuries. Unbeknownst by the colonists that the warriors merely used Drapers in order trick the colonists into opening the complex's door. The warriors gained entry to the complex and killed all but one of the colonists.

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