1950s Queen attacking biker
Biological information
Host name
Host type Unknown extraterrestrial life form
Status Deceased
Physical description
Class Queen
Height Unknown
Chronological information
First appearance Aliens: Earth Angel (only appearance)
Last appearance
Portrayed by

A Xenomorph Queen was born from an extraterrestrial life form after it's ship crash landed near a suburb in the United States of American on Earth during the 1950s. Shortly after it emerged from the extraterrestrial, it escaped and began creating a Hive in a forest, laying many Eggs, and killing outlaw motorcycle club members.

As Dr. Daniel Ripley and his family were attempting to escape the town in their car, the Queen attacked them, causing Daniel to drop his lighter. The Xenomorph was eventually killed when the family's car caught fire and the fuel tank exploded.


This particular Xenomorph Queen had a different appearance compare to ordinary Queens due to it gestating within an extraterrestrial life form, its body being more lean and thin and its head had two round bumps on each side, a characteristic it shared with its host. Despite its major differences in appearance, it possesses a headcrest much like most Xenomorph Queens.


1950s Queen as Chestburster

The Queen Chestburster violently emerges from the life form.

During the 1950s, an extraterrestrial ship crashed in suburb in the United States of America on Earth. Matthew Webber and Lou Ann discovered the ship on fire and went inside to investigate, discovering the ship's pilot with a Facehugger attached to its face. After Webber and Ann carried the life form out of the ship and brought him to Dr. Daniel Ripley, Ripley removed the creature from his face, finding it to be dead. The life form awoke shortly afterwards panicking, but the Chestburster that the Facehugger had laid immediately erupted from his chest.

The Chestburster escaped into the forest near the suburb, grew into a Queen and began creating a Hive, laying numerous Eggs. After attacking outlaw motorcycle club member Mickey in the woods, 3 more came looking for him. The Xenomorph attacked Angie and his scream attracted the others, who were quickly killed with the Queen's claws. At least a few more bikers were subdued by Facehuggers and brought to the Hive.

After Ripley returned home to his wife and his daughter, Alicia Ripley, the family got in their car and attempted to escape the suburb and go to the house of his wife's mother. However, as they were passing by the forest where the Queen's Hive was located, they crashed into the Xenomorph with the car.

As the Queen broke through the windshield, attempting to get to the family, the lighter, which Daniel had dropped, started a fire within the car, causing the Xenomorph to screech in pain. The Queen attempted to attack Alicia, but Daniel pulled her from the car and the family fled the scene. Soon, the entire car was aflame. The Queen was either killed by the fire or when the the flames reached the fuel tank, causing the entire car to explode.

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