Richard Levy
Biographical information
Rank Doctor
Serial/ID number
Physical description
Gender Male
Species Human
Hair color Black
Eye color
Chronological and political information




First appearance Stasis Interrupted (only appearance)
Last appearance
Portrayed by Liam O'Brien

Dr. Richard Levy was a resercher of Michael Weyland on the planet LV-426. He was present on Hicks and Stone's are interrogation by Michael Weyland for the access code to a recorded distress call that Hicks intended to send to the United States Colonial Marine Corps; when Stone denies any knowledge of such a message he is executed by one of the PMCs. Hicks is chemically tortured for information while Weyland boasts how the colonists and human life in general are of little concern to him. Than Levy turn against his superior, releasing Hicks and holding Weyland and his PMCs at gunpoint. They fight their way through the Resolute and escape the ship by jettisoning in an EEV, despite the fact they are within LV-426's atmosphere.

Once on the ground, Hicks and Levy push through the research complex in the midst of a Xenomorph outbreak, hoping to reach an uplink from which they can send the distress call. Hicks and Levy stray into an extensive cave complex beneath the site and discover the second Acheron Queen, which they narrowly escape. They eventually arrive at a communications relay station and attempt to send Hicks' message from there. While in the process of sending the call, Weyland contacts them and tells Levy he will not permit him to send the call and jeopardize what he is trying to accomplish. Weyland then destroys the relay with a missile, severing the uplink after only part of Hicks' distress call could be sent. The relay station is quickly surrounded by PMCs arriving in APCs, and Hicks and Levy are recaptured. His fate is unknown.