Pulse rifle and flamethrower

Ripley holding her jury-rigged weapon

This flamethrower was modified by Ellen Ripley by combining it with the M41A Pulse Rifle, including the grenade launcher attachment by using some tape to attach it. Ripley used it to fend off the Xenomorph when she infiltrated their hive in order to rescue Newt who was taken by a Xenomorph earlier.

She later used it during her first confrontation with the Acheron Queen by threatening to destroy all of the eggs in the Royal Chamber if she and Newt were attacked. On reaching safety she incinerated the eggs with the flamethrower and shot the Queen's Eggsack with the grenade launcher.


  • This item is available in Aliens: Colonial Marines for pre-order.
    • According to the picture shown with the pre-order materials, the flamethrower and pulse rifle are on the opposite sides of the jury rigged weapon depicted in the film.
      Ripley's flamethrower 2
      • In game it is listed as Ripley's Pulse Rifle and has the Flamethrower attached to the left side of the Pulse Rifle.

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