Ripley 7
Ripley #7
Biographical information


Serial/ID number
Physical description
Gender Female
Species Human clone-Xenomorph hybrid
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Chronological and political information


First appearance Alien Resurrection (only appearance)
Last appearance
Portrayed by Sigourney Weaver

Ripley 7 (also known as Number 7) was the seventh clone of Lieutenant Ellen Ripley created by the USM. The USM's mission was to retrieve a Xenomorph Queen (in its chestburster cycle) from within her host.


Ripley 7 was cloned from frozen samples of Ellen Ripley's blood, recovered after her death, from Fiorina 161. The United Systems Military knew of the Alien Queen inside Ellen Ripley at the time of her death, made several attempts to clone Ripley. Like the previous six attempts, number 7 was a failure as her body was badly deformed due to the unstable mixture of Xenomorph and human DNA during the cloning process. She was kept alive within the laboratory aboard the Auriga via life support machines.

After number 7's failure, the United Systems Military started to create the eight clone, which was a success. After successfully extracting the Queen embryo within number 8, the USM begins the repopulation process of the Xenomorphs through the use eggs produced by the Queen and impregnating the many human victims they acquired from Frank Elgyn and his group of mercenaries. The Xenomorphs eventually escaped from their capativity and wreaked havoc on board the Auriga. While escaping the Auriga, number 8 came across the laboratory containing her failed predecessors, including number 7. Struggling to speak, number 7 begged number 8 to euthanize her to end her life of agony, and number 8 complied by killing her with a flamethrower then torching the entire lab.