Sabra Hillard
Biographical information


Serial/ID number
Physical description
Gender Female
Species Human
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Chronological and political information


First appearance
Last appearance
Portrayed by Kim Flowers

Sabra Hillard is the assistant pilot of the Betty and the love interest of Frank Elgyn.


She was involved with the crew when they stole the hypersleep tubes of several refinery workers and delivered them to the USM research ship The Auriga.

After the death of Elgyn, she became an emotional wreck and hesitated when the others dived into the flooded kitchen and because of her slowness and swimming ability that was affected by her panic, a Xenomorph was able to catch up with and grab her, its unknown how she died as it is not shown. It is speculated that she either drowned, was killed by the Xenomorph or was captured, facehugged and killed by a chestburster.

Personality & TraitsEdit

She is more compassionate than most of the other members of the crew. She agrees with Call when she wants to find a way to avoid killing Purvis, one of the people whose body they stole. They appear to have a had a passionate affair and she was emotionally awestruck when Elgyn was killed by a Xenomorph.  

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