General information
Host type
Distinctions Headcrest
Fish-like tail
Lateral tail fin
Trailing tentacles
Notable individuals
Chronological information
First appearance Aliens: Colonial Marines - Issue #4
Last appearance

The Swimmer is an aquatic Xenomorph variant that dwells within the depths of the oceanic agricultural colony, "Bracken's World".


Aliens CM Swimmer

View of the Swimmer's full body

Swimmers have large headcrests that resemble the Queen's headcrest. The body structure below their waist strongly resembles the structure of a fish, which mirrors the mer-creature that originated from folklore. The tails also have lateral fins and several trailing tentacles.


These Xenomorphs were first encountered by a group Colonial Marines platoon that was sent to the oceanic agricultural colony, "Bracken's World". Having become stranded on one of the kelp beds following an APC breakdown, the group was ambushed by one of the Swimmers who pulled one of the Marines underwater. The remaining Marines retreated to the APC and were able to fight of the oncoming Swimmers with their heavy artillery as more of the Swimmers join in the attack. Luckily, the Marines were saved in time by a Dropship and the Swimmers proceeded to return into the ocean depths.

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