Hello fellow Xenomorph fans!  As you can see from my avatar, I am also a fan of the Alien franchise.  I mean, who isn't?  I am a visiting user of Xenopedia, the Alien vs. Predator wiki.  On Xenopedia, it's all about aliens, predators, prometheus, and AVP.  EVERYTHING.  Check it out sometime.

So there's a reason I'm writing this blog.  This wiki is all about aliens, right?  Films, species, games, but you're missing something.  Yautja (or most commonly known as predators).  Alien Vs. Predator is a film.  So is Aliens Vs. Predator- Requiem.  Aliens Vs. Predator is also a game.  Where's all the predator stuff?  If aliens have interacted with that species, it should be on this wiki.  So I hope you can add a page about Yautja, the AVP movies and games or SOMETHING.  Thank you. :)
Alien Vs Predator

This is the only predator pic I could find

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