LV-223 worms
Worm (LV-223)
General information
Homeworld LV-223
Status Active
Chronological information
First appearance Prometheus
Last appearance

These worm-like life forms are the only known indigenous species that inhabited LV-223. They are relatively harmless, and will atempt to escape rather than attack.


The worms were discovered by Millburn, a biologist who participated in the USCSS Prometheus' voyage to search for the origins of humanity and possible extraterrestrial life on the moon LV-223. During the Prometheus crew's expedition within an ancient structure, Millburn examined the structure's ground and manage to catch a live worm specimen, much to his enthusiasm as they'd never discovered any other life larger than bacteria before.

The crew ventured further within the structure and found a large room filled with ampules. When the crew entered the room, the ampules started leaking the lethal pathogen A0-3959x.91 – 15 that was stored within them. The worms were eventually exposed to A0-3959x.91 – 15, which resulted in the worms' transformation into much more aggresive hammerpedes.

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