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Xenomorph comics
General information
Homeworld Unnamed homeworld
Status Unknown
Chronological information
First appearance Aliens: Book One - Issue 1
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The Xenomorph (Latin, Linguafoeda acheronsis, "foul tongue from Acheron"), are an extraterrestrial, endoparasitoid species with multiple life cycles. One of the most deadly of all known alien species, these creatures need a host organism in order to reproduce. The appearance of the Xenomorph varies depending on its host.


Much like several insects, such as ants, Xenomorphs use pheromones to distinct each others' hives as the Xenomorphs are territorial and will react aggressively to a rival hive. Aside from pheromones, Xenomorphs communicate with each other through telepathy.

The Queen variant possesses emphatic capabilities used to commands Xenomorph Soldiers and Drones. This ability is not only limited to Xenomorphs and can affect other lifeforms, as shown during the Xenomorph's initial infestation on Earth where several humans were affected through dreams/nightmares, eventually driving them mad.


During Dr. Paul Church's studies of Alien behavioral responses, it was revealed that the Xenomorphs follow a certain rule pattern in their behavior and out of the hundreds of tests he had conducted, there has never been a single deviation from the rule. The Xenomorphs don't consider themselves as individuals and fights for their species. They cannot be affected by either fear, intimidation, pain, fatigue, even overwhelming odds during combat and will proceed to attack their enemies. Xenomorphs put their focus on attacking anything they perceived as a threat.[1]

Xenomorphs are shown to be carnivorous, but they preferably choose to hunt preys that show signs of fear in their minds as it seems to attract them. Dr. Church's hypothesis believed that the Xenomorphs possess the ability to see through minds. Xenomorph will also resort to cannibalism during extreme food shortages, as shown by the Xenomorphs aboard The American where three Xenomorphs devoured the fourth one for the blood.


Egg silo comic

The egg silo.

Xenomorphs build giant mound-like structures to provide a hive for the Queen and her eggs, as well as a repository to store captured hosts for the facehuggers to impregnate. Inside the mound is an extensive system of tunnels that consists of numerous gallery chambers.



The circumstances surrounding the Xenomorph's origins remain a mystery, but there are some evidence that imply that the Xenomorphs have existed for billions of years. According to Dr. Lucien Keitel, during his research he had came upon secret Weyland-Yutani files that contain information regarding fossil records that were around 3.2 billion years old that predates all accepted timelines for complex life on Earth. However, the fossils did not fit with pre-existing notions and were thus reburied in Gehelgod Bureaucracy. After comparing the description between the Acheron Xenomorphs and the fossils, he had discovered that they were essentially the same creature. After further research, Dr. Keitel also discovered that the Xenomorphs were responsible for a cosmic extinction event that exterminate the Space Jockeys, even extending to Earth, causing all life there at the time to be exterminated as well. He deducted that the reason for this was because the Xenomorphs serve as the great equalizer, maintaining balance in the galaxy as the Space Jockeys have become the most dominant race in the galaxy at the time.[2]


Over the course of 10 years since the incident on Hadley's Hope, the Xenomorphs' existence have been known by the public. Several individuals went on to form several cult groups that worship the Xenomorphs, one of the individuals being Salvaje. A Xenomorph somehow ended up near the Earth's surface and attacked two shuttles, the Junket and the Dutton. The sole survivor of the attacks, James Likowski, was impregnated by a Queen embryo. He was brought back to Earth by the Bionational Corporation for bio weapons research. Salvaje somehow learned of the Bionational Corporation's research and put together a plan with his organization to assault the facility in Lima. Salvaje and his cultists succeeded in infiltrating the facility and were used as hosts for the Queen's eggs. The creatures soon hatched and started setting up nests around the world and eventually became what will soon be known as the Earth War.

Terran Government scientist, Waidslaw Orona, supervised the plan to exterminate the Xenomorphs, which were at first easy to find and deal with. Eventually the creatures adapted to Orona's TAC squads and would make smaller hives that were interconnected, like the one in the Ivory Coast in Northern Africa. The infestation spread over the next eighteen months as humans tried to contain the rapid spread of the creatures' foothold on the planet. As the infestation worsens, Orona created a large nuclear stockpile within a mountain as a last ditch effort to contain the infestation. The creatures however, managed to compromise Orona's complex before he could use the stockpile. Overwhelmed by the Xenomorphs, the Earth's military forces retreated from Earth to space and continued to fight the Xenomorphs using airstrikes, leaving the Earth's remaining inhabitants at the Xenomorph's mercy. The Xenomorphs continued to build their hives in major cities and capturing humans to serve as their hosts.

Lt. Ellen Ripley, one of the survivors of the Hadley's Hope incident made a sudden reappearance aboard the Gateway Station, claiming that she had received a vision from the Space Jockeys regarding the Xenomorphs' homeworld and their true leader, the Queen Mother. Ripley formed a team consisting of several Colonial Marines and fellow survivors, Newt and Hicks to capture the Queen Mother. Ripley intends to place the Queen Mother in Orona's stockpile to lure most of Earth's Xenomorphs and detonate the stockpile to both eliminate the Queen Mother and greatly diminish the creatures' population. The team succeeded in capturing the Queen Mother and lured most of Earth population to the stockpile. The stockpile was detonated, causing a large explosion that eradicated most of the Xenomorphs near the vicinity, including the Queen Mother. With the Earth's Xenomorph population greatly diminished, the Colonial Marines were able to contain the remaining Xenomorphs and eventually succeeded in retaking Earth and ending the Earth War.


After the first Queen Mother's demise during the Earth War, the Xenomorph homeworld begin to fall into complete and utter chaos. Two newly born Queen Mothers soon emerged and a massive warfare begun between the two Queens' hives. Several conglomerate companies and military organizations continued to store captive Xenomorphs, conducting research on the Xenomorphs to be developed as biological weapons. The humans were able to successfully synthesized Royal Jelly to become a powerful performance-enhancing drug known as Xeno-Zip.


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